Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Service?

To order a Service, simply go to a seller’s Service page and click on the Buy Now button. If your seller is eligible to provide additional services or you wish to order multiple units of the same Service, before clicking Order Now, check on top there is list of additional services.
If you want, you can contact the seller anytime.

Can I withdraw money from my DESIGNnIDEA account?

If you made a purchase as a buyer and received a refund, it will appear in your shopping balance for use on another purchase of equal or less than the amount in your shopping balance.

How do I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled by either a buyer, seller, or through DESIGNnIDEA Support. We suggest our buyers and sellers to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves and utilize the tools available to them.
After giving review your job can’t be cancelled.
After giving changes to seller you can’t cancel the order but seller deny for changes then you can cancel order
Please tell reason for cancellation.

Can I change my username?

Usernames can not be changed once an account is registered.


DESIGNnIDEA is the India’s growing marketplace for services starting at $6 (₹ 400). A service offered on DESIGNnIDEA is called a Service. Services on DESIGNnIDEA are offered for base price of $6 (₹ 400).

Signing Up

Signing up to DESIGNnIDEA is free and can be done here. Only registered users may buy Services.

For Buyers

You can browse the homepage, category or subcategory pages, or use the search to find a Service you wish to purchase. All Services start at Rs. 400 (approx $6) and some contain extra services, which you can purchase as well. Just click Order Now to make a purchase. You have several ways to pay for the service.
If there is no reply within 72hr after giving design then job automatically will be complete.

Policy & Safety

Never give out your password. Now and again we may ask for a few things from you, but:
We will never ask you by email, messages, or comments to provide us with your password or sign-in credentials.
We will never ask you to email us your password.
We will never prompt you to log into a site outside of the DESIGNnIDEA.com domain, nor to download and install an application.
Please never download or run such applications or email attachments, as they are definitely not coming from us.